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What are the advantages of seeing a plastic surgeon for breast cancer treatment?

Surgery is key to the cure for breast cancer. A plastic surgeon trained in surgical oncology is able to plan the entire procedure, such that cancer removal and breast reconstruction are fully integrated in the surgical plan. Furthermore, such a plastic surgeon would also be cognisant of the full realm of reconstruction techniques.

What are the differences between a plastic surgeon and an oncoplastic surgeon?

An oncoplastic surgeon is typically a general surgeon trained in basic plastic surgery techniques related to the reshaping of the breast. A plastic surgeon by virtue of his specialist training has further access to a wider repertoire of techniques for rebuilding the breast, adding shape and volume such as free tissue transfer, direct to implant reconstructions.

On top of being an accredited plastic surgeon, Dr Evan Woo known for his work in oncoplastic breast surgery.

What does the typical breast cancer treatment consist of?

Breast cancer treatment typically starts with diagnostic tests to determine the extent, stage, and type of cancer.

With the necessary information, a detailed discussion about the treatment plan can be carried out.
Surgery is central to the treatment of breast cancer.

As one of a handful of surgeons in Singapore with the expertise in both oncoplastic breast surgery and microsurgical breast reconstruction, Dr Woo understands that the ideal treatment outcome means both a complete removal of cancer and a good aesthetic outcome.

Depending on the patient’s condition, follow up treatment in the form of radiation, chemotherapy or lymphedema counselling may also be prescribed.

Does breast reconstruction affect my breast cancer treatment or survival outcome?

Multiple studies have concluded that breast reconstruction does not affect cancer treatment or survival outcomes.

Why should I consider breast reconstruction at the same time as breast cancer removal?

Breast reconstruction does not affect breast cancer treatment or survival outcomes. When appropriately planned, it also does not interfere with adjuvant treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The main advantage of having breast reconstruction at the same time as breast cancer removal is that there is no psychological or emotional “downtime”. Patients need not feel or see the loss of her breast . And aesthetic outcomes are generally better.

What is Dr Evan Woo’s approach towards patient care?

Dr Woo strongly believes in the importance of personalised care when accompanying breast cancer patients on their treatment journey.

Dr. Woo believes in a comprehensive, one-stop end to end service for breast cancer treatment. This is a highly specialised and personalised care, with the physician accompanying the breast cancer patients in every step of their treatment journey.

It is not enough to ensure that patients will live long and happy lives with the complete removal of their breast cancer. Dr Woo’s mantra is to empower his patients to triumph over this dreaded disease with minimal physical, psychological and emotional scars.

It is this mantra that drove Dr Woo to obtain dual sub-specialty training in breast surgical oncology and plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery because he believes in offering his patients the best surgical options based on their cancer stage and overall physical condition.

The majority of his breast cancer patients are referred through word of mouth.

What is the surgical procedure actress Angelina Jolie underwent to reduce her risk of breast cancer?

The surgical procedure is a prophylactic mastectomy, this applies to patients who are at high risk of breast cancer. Both breasts are removed to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Dr. Woo performs this type of surgery on a regular basis.

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